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Thumper's Story

            It all started, when it was my 3rd birthday and I wanted a pet. My parents took me to a small local pet store, and I bought a rabbit. At first I was afraid of her, but then the man told me something interesing. He told me, "They will purr like cats if you rub then very gentle and the spot where they like it!" I smiled and then took the baby rabbit home. I didn't know what to expect about them, I didn't know a name either. We didn't evern know if Thumper was a girl or boy. When we went to get Thumper's nails trimmed, we made them check. While they were checking I came up with a name! "Thumper!"

           Thumper is a Dutch rabbit who is a senor now. She loves when I lay on the floor. Thumper always comes over and hops over my legs and sniff my fingers out. She LOVES when I tie a carrot up to the top if her cage and she needs to go get it. Thumper can be goofy at times, but other times she is stingy. I love Thumper in many ways.

       Thumper, is a brave girl. For example: When hurricane Irene hit us (no damage)  she was as brave as a night as she was calm the whole entire time! In a new place she really never had been in, I give her 99-100. This is because when I came near her she would growl! I think that is normal, but she never really does that!  Thumper is  a snugger, because when she is out and I am there she always comes over and rubs against my leg (maybe in a video later on I can show you).

     Thumper also has a funny personality. She snorts when she sees me and if she is in her cage she stuffs a big thing of hay in her mouth and runs around with it! Also one day when I was doing my updates-I went to have breakfast and I forgot to pick up my computer then when I came back....XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxXXXXXX was all across the screen, and Thumper was on the rocking chair.  My one BFFL loves Thumper, but I don't think Thumper loves her back when she came over and went to pet her Thumper ran behind the Washer Machine. Thumper does that when she is scared and clearly she was, but my BFFL keeps trying to get her out.    

    To sum it up, Thumper is an enjoyable rabbit to have that is old, but playful and she still has a lot of energy in her. If you want to leave a comment or shout out please put in Comment Box. If you put a comment up then it will be shown. Thank you- Get More from Bunny


SAYING: When you love something a lot they love you 10 times more. <3  

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