Welcome to The Rabbit Thing! I hope you will look around this website, before I want to share my mission and story. I want to help those that have bunnies and need help with caring, I would also like to start a fund towards all of the rabbits in need.  I have 2 rabbits. I say their amazing stories- to only that want to hear, and those that actually care to hear. I want to change the world, I want to hear the "Thank You's" I want. I need your help by spreading the news, but as more followers follow-the better the site will get! 


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  July 14, 2012

         This is a Baby Lion Head! So cute!

-Thank You!

   June 17, 2012
     This picture was taken for Margret's daughter-Soul and she put her 3 best boys in a photo shot; Kilo, Kieth, and Kenny in a picture that she sent me. 
They are cute Margret!

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