The Rabbit Thing is expanding today! I needed help so I brought in some helpers to help me do my work. I, Kaitlyn, will always be putting out the newsletter and putting out the information  but sometimes people, like me, want to make sure their work is proofread and they really get the message I am trying to send! :)

Kaitlyn- Owner 

      I have had Thumper for 9 years now. I have had here for awhile! That is why I know so much about rabbits. On Thumper's page I tell you her story. I want you to know Thumper. If Thumper is a dutch/netherland dwarf, I want you to know that she is!

     Over the Years of rabbits I have learned, two rabbits are not the same. They are alwasy different. I have found different techniques for each of my rabbits. That's what fun about owning a rabbit! 


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